Turbo Racer


Turbo Racer is the most exciting multi-line slide on the market, we offer this option to those who want to complement their parks but do not want to have the same attractions as the neighboring parks.

Turbo Racer offers the option to combine an enclosed slide and an open slide, along the travel the users must use a mat. During the transition between the enclosed and the open slide there is a speed fall that converts a simple multiline slide into a truly exciting ride.

Users: Family Ride

Speed: High

Width: 1 m per line (39 inches)

Height: 39’ – 59’ (12- 18m)

Arrival: Run out

Gallons per minute: 190 GPM (720 lts / min)

Users: 120 per hour per lane

Lanes: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8